Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vac News- Hoover buy out

CLEVELAND OH— A Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI) will complete its $107 million acquisition of The Hoover Company Wednesday, creating the largest floor care business in North America, according to a press release posted on Yahoo! Business.

TTI will combine the Hoover business with its existing Dirt Devil and Royal operations under TTI Floor Care, North America, headed by Chris Gurreri, the story stated.

TTI will also create a new global floor care product research and development center at its North American headquarters in Glenwillow, OH, the story noted.
I wonder how this will turn out. I know that Hoover moved there manufacturing warehouse to Mexico in 2005-2006 and getting parts was a challenge.

Carpet Cleaning in New Jersey for carpet cleaning NJ

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Many people experience problems with professional carpet cleaning in NJ

Wet Carpet Cleaning may equal Detergent Residue in your carpet Wet or steam cleaning methods, including some that claim that they are FREE of residue and some that have the word dri or dry in their name can and may leave a soapy residue in carpet. Wet methods can and often do attract new soil. When a carpet is cleaned with a wet carpet cleaning method or steam cleaned the water evaporates from the cleaning solution but the detergent or soap can not evaporate and so it dries and re-crystallizes throughout carpet fibers. During the drying time, (2 hours to 6 days), the water (H20) evaporates from the "cleaning solution" and the detergent remains. Detergent residue will attract new soil, trigger rapid re-soiling and cause carpets to "ugly-out" and become matted down. Simply put, detergent residue (soap) attracts new soil.Spots Come Back - Carpet Looks Dirty AgainSoapy residue from any wet carpet cleaner. Most wet carpet cleaners cast the blame for returning spots on "wicking", sometimes referred to as wick-back. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of "wicking" is usually nothing more than a scripted excuse used by professional carpet cleaners to get out of the responsibility of leaving soap to dry in carpet. Again, spots do not mysteriously reappear. 180-210 Fahrenheit Is HOT - Scotch Guard or DuPont Teflon is Gone Hot water can dilute and/or remove valuable stain resistant materials in addition to crush resistant properties from carpet. Beware of wet methods that claim they remove dirt with extreme temperature without detergents.Health, Allergies, Mold and Carpet CleaningSteam water cleaning can force water to gain access deep into the carpet padding. This is not only unsanitary and disgusting, but wet carpet can (in some rare cases) be hazardous to ones health. High levels of humidity stimulate growth of mold. Remember your 3rd grade science project in grammar school? Remember the wet piece of bread in the closet?

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