Tuesday, December 05, 2006


It seems that Rich moore (me) has thought of a marketing idea that seems to be great. The "1-800-CLEAN-MY CLEANING NETWORK" This is a list of different cleaning services that can be performed by employees and sub-contractors of Edan Enterprises. The list includeds but is not limited to :
1. Carpet Cleaning
2. Upholstery Cleaning
3. Fire and water damage cleaning and restoration
4. Duct cleaning
5. Drapery Cleaning
6. Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning
7. Home cleaning
8. Office Cleaning
9. Pressure washing and Cleaning
10. Window Cleaning
11. Sewer and Drain Cleaning
12. Gutter Cleaning
13. Auto Cleaning and Detailing
14. Dry Cleaning
15. Basement and Attic Cleaning

The list may grow.

This list will be marketed with some of the following tools.
Utilization of the 1-800 CLEAN-MY telephone number eg: 1-800-CLEAN-MY CARPET OR 1-800-CLEAN-MY PIPES OR 1800-CLEAN-MY OFFICE. I believe that this will bring alot of familiarity to the telephone number. Everytime a perticual number is marketed to a list of client they will think of the service that they had tried and may be willing to try the next service. Meaning that: If a manager of a doctors office uses the services of 1-800 CLEAN MY OFFICE to clean the offece that she works at and they see 1-800 CLEAN MY PIPES and the office manager needs to has a kitchen sink un-clogged she may be more opt to calling a familiar number and service.
Also every month there will be a news letter emailed and snail mailed to every cleint to every cleaning service. We will be offering them discounts on the other list of services that we offer.
All with a "try-us FREE" offer and a no B.S Gaurantee.
We will work hard to contract with Doctor offices for office cleaning for a steady stream of residual income and also for the ability to leave flyers and brochures aswell as copy of newsletters in the waiting rooms of the offices. This should pan out to be a very useful tool because we will be offering a interesting piece of reading material with helpful tips on cleaning tips on various items. EG: carpet, plumbing pipes, etc. This tool we be in the face of the bored person just sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office. Distrubution of the marketing materials we be at NO COST to the cleaning network because the person scheduled to perform the cleaning will be monitoring the marketing peices on a steady basis.
I will continue this later.